Development of redundant data storage system for CubeSat satellites

OData support
Temesvölgyi Tamás Tibor
Department of Electron Devices

The demand of miniaturization occurs in the space industry as well, this leads to the spreading of small satellites. The connection’s temporality makes necessary to store important data on the board. My task was to design a data storage, which can build in a CubeSat satellite standard, and can work normaly after a potential failure.

There is a lot of unexpected effect in the space, which causes serious damage in satellite’s board systems and in its integrated circuits. In addition, the servicing of these satellites is almost impossible. Using common space components in small satellites causes some problem, because these have too big size, and too much power consumption. Choosing the best used parts is a key thing. We have to consider designing with industrial parts, because of aforementioned reasons, and also because they have easier availability and significantly better prices. As you can see, with all of those aspects it becomes a very complex design task for an engineer.

First of all, I will represent within the literature research different space effects, features and varieties of data storage units. In a separate chapter I will describe the details of redundancy and present the different kind of communication protocols. That will be the first part of my dissertation, the second part will deal with the process and steps of the design, its hardware and software part.


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