Investigations about defining reference intervals and developing a framework to support these

OData support
Dr. Szlávecz Ákos
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

If you ever had a clinical laboratory test, you probably thought about the results of it. What is the base of these results? My results are good? The answer is the reference intervals. Your results depend on these values.

Defining reference intervals is not a simple problem. In my work, I will present many publications which describe the problem, and try to find solutions. One of the most significant publications, the basic thesis in this topic is the CLSI-C28 (Clinical and Laboratory Standard Institute), which defined the base of constructing reference intervals.

In my thesis I have to understand the problem, get to know the publications and develop a software framework which provides the possibility to use the methods of the CLSI paradigm and other methods in the clinical setting and show their efficient working.

In the thesis, my most important task is to make a web-based framework that can help solving problems such as a clinical registration, for example data manipulation (store, modify, delete etc.) or data visualization (histogram, trenddiagram, spreaddiagram), and it can use the methods described in the literature


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