Model-based, Test-driven Design and Development of a Registration System

OData support
Dr. Ráth István Zoltán
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

The purpose of this thesis work is to define the requirement specification, comprehensive design and implementation of a web application which will serve as a registration portal for Word Youth Day in 2016.

The application should comply with the requirements of the modern age, taking into account business needs. Technologies that should be implemented in both server and client side were outlined during personal meetings .

The first step in the assessment of demands was a precise definition of requirements which created a great advantage in the subsequent implementation phase. Having these requirements the next step was the system design. Both processes were accomplished with the SysML language and SYSMOD methodology based on this language.

In the past, J2EE, then Java EE technologies were very popular, but they became cumbersome because most of the code to be written did not belong to an integral part of the application logic. Spring framework was developed in order to increase productivity of the software design. Initially it only eliminated the shortcomings of other Java platform frameworks, but nowadays it includes almost all the functionality of complex business applications. Using Spring gives more time to develop business logic as the framework manages the infrastructure. Because of these considerations and the high demand for this framework on the market I decided to use Spring.

In addition to using a Java based framework I got familiar with the test driven development methodology which helped me to develop my application. Technologies and tools I used to accomplish my thesis work were at server side: Apache Maven, Apache Commons, Apache Tomcat, Apache log4j, Swagger, JUnit, Mockito, MySQL database, and at client side: NodeJS, AngularJS, Grunt, Bootstrap, Apache HTTP server.


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