Development of a Complaint Management Module in SAP CRM

OData support
Dr. Szikora Béla
Department of Electronics Technology

My thesis is about working with the SAP CRM system. My task was to design and develop a full complaint handling module. I have fulfilled this duty n HP Hungary’s test system. During my work I based my task on an imaginary Hungarian gas retail company’s complaint process.

To fulfill my task I had to know the available SAP CRM system and the model company built up in it. Configure and create the needed data and processes. I had to build the company’s organizational model, configure the selling process in order to be able to access the needed data during the handling of a complaint in the system. I had to solve the handling of the participating organizational units and persons and their notification about their upcoming tasks, deadlines and even enforce those. I had to place the complaint handling onto the web user interface. At the end I had to create a report program about the status of the complaints.

While interpreting my task I had to develop many functions uniquely, since they didn’t exist in the system. Starting from watching the deadlines, sending the emails with the needed contents or the development of the report. During my work I have fulfilled these tasks, created the needed workflows, fields, and implemented the report generating interface and all the programs needed for them.


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