Design of Reluctance Motor for Electric Vehicles

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Dr. Vajda István
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The goal of my thesis is to design a reluctance motor for electric vehicles. In my diploma work I describe the structure and the operation of a synchronous reluctance machine and a switched reluctance machine. I introduce two reluctance motors designed for hybrid vehicles. I define the main dimensions of an asynchronous, a surface mounted permanent magnet synchronous, and a synchronous reluctance machine for a given requirement. I calculate the magnetizing inductances, the leakage inductances, and the resistances of the motors. Knowing the parts of the equivalent circuits I define the losses, the performances, and the torques of the motors. With FEM analysis I verify the calculated inductance and flux density values. I design a rotor for the synchronous reluctance motor. With FEM analysis I optimize the rotor, so I get to new rotor structures for better motor characteristics. I briefly introduce the thermal equivalent circuit of the synchronous reluctance motor, and I calculate the temperature rises.


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