Order management on SAP UI5 in ERP and HANA back-end systems

OData support
Dr. Martinek Péter
Department of Electronics Technology

The topic of my thesis was ’Order management on SAP UI5 in ERP and HANA back-end systems’. Nowadays companies are using enterprise resource planning to improve their processes. One of the most commonly used of these solutions is the ERP system developed by the SAP compamy. However, new technologies appeared in this method. The new in memory databases can reach the datas faster and they can use direct operation. The SAP has system like this, which name is High-Performance Analytic Appliance (HANA). In addition to the new system, they developed user interface toolkit for HTML5. The innovation of this, that the user can easily use the UI on the screen of mobiles and tablets.

My task is to create a web surface, where the user can make, modify and search orders. On the first view the customer can give the main details of the order, search by order number or open a search window. The application navigates the next window, where the item can be checked, modified or created. Only those products can be selected, that are already in the database. I have to create a search window, where the client can search by cutomer name, order number and date of the shipping. In the view of items, there two operations: temporary save the order to the HANA or send to the ERP system. It’s important, that for each customer the right price should be displayed. HANA system save the orders, the main details and the items separated. The other function is to connect the client to SAP R/3 system with webservice. A scheduler calculate the actual prices every day in the ERP system and refresh the database table contents. In my task I used JavaScrip, ABAP, HTML and XML programming languages.

The importance of my solution is to offer new surface to manage orders for the companies. These solutions make possible to connect the ERP system to the HANA.


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