Analysing the Document Flow of Sales Orders in ERP Back-end on SAPUI5

OData support
Dr. Martinek Péter
Department of Electronics Technology

My task was creating a programme, that can be used for tracking orders. This work was duplex. From one hand I had to make a surface that is for displaying pieces of information and the user is able to communicate through it. On the other hand I had to solve the problem how the relevant data would be filtered and built from the database on the back end system.

The surface was created using SAPUI5 paradigm, that has features like simplified screen settings, separated role-based functions, and it also helps in fast developing based on MVC structure. The UI5 code is running in the client’s browser and shows different appareance depending on what kind of device we use and try to take the advantages of each platform. During the implementation I had to pay attention to prevent the user from making mistakes by minimalizing the possibilities of individual decisions. I was about to use elements created by SAP. For the development I used JavaScript language and Eclipse development environment. For detecting bugs and faults, Google Chrome DevTools helped me.

In the background I used SAP HANA in-memory database management system, but I often went on, and got information from SAP ERP system. As for the HANA, I used XSJS files, for ERP my coding language was ABAP and developed a function module in it.

I took some simplification about the states of the orders, and picked out only order creating with requested delivery date, order posting, goods issue, due date and the date on which the payment was done.


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