Modelling relay protection against abnormal operating conditions in EMTP-ATP software environment for parallel and islanded operation of DG sources

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Prikler László
Department of Electric Power Engineering

Nowadays the requirements of grid connection are developing due to the increasing number of decentralized and renewable energy sources. One method of studying the compliance of these regulations and the operation of devices which assure the fulfilment of these requirements is implementing protection algorithms into an electromagnetic transient program and modelling the grid and the relay protection scheme simultaneously.

One of these requirements is called anti-islanding, namely a small power plant has to detect islanding operation as quickly as possible and disconnect itself to avoid the consequences of non-synchronized reclosing. In this Bsc thesis report I am going to review the protection methods adopted by relay manufacturers to perceive this kind of electrical network state.

Subsequently, I am going to introduce the ATP-EMTP software environment and present the modelling tools users can apply for this kind studies. Then, I am going to show in practise how such protection algorithms can be implemented.

Then, the newest demands are going to describe briefly: namely, the Fault Ride Through and the Directional Reactive Undervoltage Protection requirement. Eventually I am going to create models which assure compliance with these regulations and I also show its correct operation in an EMTP-based grid model.


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