Design of power supply of an organisational / educational building

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Dr. Kiss István
Department of Electric Power Engineering

It's a complex problem to design a building and whoever wants to start on nowadays have a hard challenge. The problem is that we have plenty of standards, but we are taking over the regulations of the European Union, which the European Committee for Standardization complements and publishes remade standards in new form.

With the evolution of information technology there is a growing demand on designers, they expect more detailed plans, models, and confirmed calculations from them. With the spread of computer aided design the plans can be modified "easily", the expectation is to synchronize the plans again and again with the designers from other fields (architect, mechanist, electric engineer) and to remake them.

In this essay I will show how to design of power supply of an organizational / educational building. I will determine the building’s power require, choose the required cables and protection equipments. I will try to make myself clear and confirm my decisions and to suit to the standards.


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