Program organizer system on Java EE platform with mobile support

OData support
Dr. Ekler Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Both the technical organizing work and implementation of the events represent special challenges for the professionals, which are different in many terms from the traditional project management tasks: scarce human resources, shortage of time, dependencies of the tasks, time frames that are defined in terms of minutes rather than in terms of days, special focus on efficiency of the staff – rather than cost efficiency - require a special approach which is different from traditional project management. For this reason and for the specialized nature of the target area the majority of the applications available in the market will fail to deliver satisfactory solution to the problems of this area. The purpose of the thesis is to respond these challenges with a server-client application which –while takes into account the above considerations, also supports the event organizers in planning the implementation efficiently, offers comfortable real-time solutions for implementation of an event, by using advanced mobile tools and online technologies which are present in practically all fields of life.

The thesis assesses the demands and aspects of scheduling, which might occur during the technical organization tasks associated with the event, gives an outlook to a number of solutions which are currently available in the market. After that, it displays a data model and scheduling algorithm, and a server –client solution which equally applies to the browser clients and mobile applications, can be accessed via standard RESTful API, and supports the event organizer and implementation work of the staff with a server-side application and clients both for desktop browsers and Android smartphones.


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