System and Tool Development for Electronic Control Unit

OData support
Dr. Hamar János Krisztián
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The development of the automotive industry requires countless functions to be implemented and enormous engineering teams to develop a single Electronic Control Unit. Because of this, the systems are getting more and more complex making their transparent understanding and management essential. This results the necessity of coherent development, interpretation and management of customer requirements. Since we get the vast majority of these requirements from time to time from different groups, the lack of their proper handling may result wasting labor on something that the tasks listed above could have prevented.

Handling all these above even for a smaller team would be a considerable challenge, thus providing them tools for the development which speed up the processes mentioned earlier is a huge help, in which I took part of. The fields and the realization of these is extensive, which includes different programming languages and tasks that help us understand the basics of system engineering, the requirement management, and the basic structure of an automotive industrial project.

In this thesis I shall introduce the development of these tools, while presenting the importance of system engineering and its fields through examples.


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