Visual analysis support for system diagnostics

OData support
Dr. Gönczy László
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Informatic services and computer devices appear in each area of the everyday life. The system diagnostics’ responsibility is make some analysis on the result of the measurements, and it makes conclusion for the stabile operation.

Analyzing the logged data makes the ovserved processes better. There are methodes which allow to discover the data correlation and illustrate them. The pupose of this thesis is to demonstrate the visualizing techniques and technologies for data analysis, and to find a tool which facilitates users to make interactions on the interface.

First I show the parts of the data diagnostics, then I present two methodes of data analysis. I demonstrate the role of parallel coordinates plot in the analysis, and a visual which can display timeline data with events together.

I study the Power BI software and its possibilites, then I use it in my work because of its benefits. At the end I show a case study to test the analyzing methodes, and to present the role of the technological support.


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