Tasks of transmission system operators related to the operation of wind power stations

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Faludi Andor
Department of Electric Power Engineering

Integrating renewable energy to the power system differs from the operation of the usual, fossil fuel power plants. In my thesis I review the current situation of the wind energy usage in Europe, analysing Hungary in details, and I examine the possibilities to make the integration of wind energy easier.

Comparing the power systems of Hungary and Ireland gives an opportunity to look at the wind energy data of another country with a similar net generating capacity to Hungary, in which the penetration of wind energy is 18.15%, multiple of the penetration in Hungary.

The integration costs of wind energy depend strongly on the accuracy of the wind power forecast, so I examine the methods of creating a forecast, and the usability of this for the transmission system operator. Analysing the possibilities to make forecasts more accurate I show the usefulness of neural networks in an intraday wind power forecasting system that is capable of reducing the forecast error.

Energy storage is another alternative to the more efficient integration of wind power to the power system. After reviewing the currently available technologies, and the al-ready realised applications I examine the technologies that can be considered for appli-cation in Hungary.

Including the wind power plants in the regulation can reduce the amount of the bal-ancing energy. I analyse the possibilities of the power regulation of wind power plants, and the technological requirements for regulation.


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