Procurement of P-f Control Resereves in the Hungarian Power System

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Szabó László
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The main criteria of the electrical energy system’ sustainability is the permanently almost equal rate between the consumption and its supply, which rate can change any time. The ancillary services, and its control reserves are the devices of the transmission system operator to be able to handle these non-equilibrium situations. The nominal frequency and the smallest possible difference from the balance can be ensured by the control reserves, which are procured and used in market based circumstances.

The Hungarian transmission system had a very intensive and significant catching-up process, which induced technical and economical changes as well. As its result, the Hungarian control area became the part of the European synchronous system and the member of the integrated liberal, option based electrical energy market.

In accordance with the European expectations and aims, which support the renewable energy sources and the cogeneration of power plants, and also provide the European energy market, the Hungarian system has more constraints, such as obligated electrical energy allocation or imported energy coming into the system, which has even bigger disadvantageous impact onto the domestic producers, increasing the challenge of annually organised, procurement procedure of the control reserves, which depends on its circumstances and adopts the impacts of the surroundings.

As a result of all these, I am introducing the main processes of the Hungarian electrical energy system, such as the evolution of the electrical energy market, the obligated electrical energy allocation and imported energy with their effects, the changes of the Hungarian power plant structure, which is supposed to show the basic circumstances of the procurement procedure for the P-f control reserves.

Finally, being aware of the all these information, I am adding my proposals to the future and possibly sustainable procurement process in cooperation with the legal and infrastructural circumstances.


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