Development of reporting application for IPTV traffic measurement database using Spring framework

OData support
Dr. Szabó Sándor
Department of Networked Systems and Services

IPTV becomes more widely used, as it replaces the conventional broadcasting technologies. The increasing number of clients challenges the network operators, to serve appropriate quality via a less reliable, IP based network. For this purpose the IPTV network operators place measuring units (node or probe) to their networks for collecting real time information about the provided service. Depending on the size of the monitored network, the incoming data can get extremely large (hundreds of gigabytes per month) to process and store by general database techniques in real time.

In my thesis I am going to investigate an existing real time monitoring application that can handle and store large IPTV measurement data by using a special data structure. By using this special solution, I design and develop a web based reporting application which provides quality metrics based reports from the collected and specially stored measurement data. This reporting application can be used by the network operator to generate and store quality descriptive reports, which represents quality metrics of the provided service quality.


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