Passenger flow modeling at airport in state space

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Dr. Harmati István
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The globalization, and the booming global tourism, also because of the low oil price the air traffic and passenger flow at the airport is growing constantly. 80 million passenger flow through annually at the biggest airports and the number of passenger flow is constantly growing by 7-8 percentage. Hence the passenger number is growing , this also means the passenger flow could be served with building of new terminals or expansion of old terminals.This passenger flow means the serving has to be re-engineered regularly. In the re-engineering process could help the model of passenger flow at the airport, also the simulation of passenger flow in the main cells of the passenger serving which can be changed with parameters.

The main task of my thesis was modeling of airport terminal passenger flow and creation a simulation model by MATLAB Simulink program.. In the input of the model the passenger flow is a periodic function, so this is the input side of the Simulink model. The passenger flow is modeled with the main cells at the airport and the cells is described with mathematics equations.

The parameters of the main strategic cell can be initialized or changed later, and the structure of the airport can be changed with this mode also.

Because of the result of good and fast evaluation, the results is shown on the graphical interface.


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