Aircraft Noise Sound Quality Analyser

OData support
Dr. Márki Ferenc
Department of Networked Systems and Services

Aircraft noise effects primarily those living close to airports, therefore most international research focus on interviewing inhabitants who live close to airfields. Numerous studies included recordings of audible passing aeroplanes which have resulted in a determination of level and characteristics of noise pollution.

At the beginning of the thesis I will list questions which will occur during the project realisation. I will continue with the determination of the physiological, physical and psychoacoustic characteristics which are essential for the understanding of the analysis. Subsequently, in chapters PLANNING and SOLUTION I and the team will write a programme which will simplifies the separation of air traffic noise, wheras in another programme code which will make the process of analysis automatic. Finally we will examine the passing noise of 84 machines which five participants have studied independently. Once determining the psychoacoustic elements we will also examine the correlation between the studies and the underlying parameters .


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