Reputation store for signed objects

OData support
Dr. Holczer Tamás
Department of Networked Systems and Services

The authenticity of different software is traditionally ensured with digital signatures and with the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). It is well known that these solutions cannot handle the formally correct, but malicious certificates and issuers. For this problem it is a good approach to collect information about the certificate chain elements.

Therefore, I designed a database which stores reputation based information about public keys, certificates, Portable Executable, Java archives and Android packages. With the usage of this reputation store the users can acquire additional information of certificates or digitally signed software. I created an alert system which allows to notify the issuers about the new signed objects. I also implemented a JSON API to access the database for automated PKI usage examination. Finally, I made a browser extension to bring the reputation store closer to the end users.

In my thesis I will show the motivation of the reputation store, the steps of the system design, the implementation of the modules and the comparison of other existing solutions.


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