Development of partial discharge measurement devices

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Cselkó Richárd
Department of Electric Power Engineering

Partial discharges (PD), are tiny electrical discharges that can occur inside or on the surface of insulations PDs harm the material, and their continuous presence over the years or decades will ultimately lead to the complete electrical breakdown of the insulation, thus to the failure of the entire electrical equipment. In the field of insulation diagnostics the densities and the magnitude of the pulses due to partial discharges can be obtained from the state of the insulation. In the first part of my thesis, I will introduce the physics and manifestations of partial discharges, of which the internal PD and corona discharge will be discussed in detail. In the second part I will present different industrial partial discharge measurement equipment with the description of their operation. The third part is about hardware based noise reduction techniques and their already present industrial applications. Finally, I'm going to develop and simulate a measuring instrument that amplifies the discharge impulses of high-voltage cables, but filters the outer noise. After the simulation, construction and the start-up the operation of the instrument will be discussed.


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