Diagnostic application of partial discharge measurement

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Cselkó Richárd
Department of Electric Power Engineering

In this thesis book, the diagnostics application of partial discharges, I will talk about the phenomena partial discharges and how it can be measured and observed. I presented a method to evaluate the partial discharge in electrical components some of these components include electrodes,cables and oil transformers. I also presented a method to observe these discharges using devices such as oscilloscopes and voltage dividers (High voltage probe) in the setup. I was able to group partial discharges into their two main categories categories which are internal and external partial discharges and then further group them into the types; corona discharges for those discharges that occur in ambient air, internal discharges for those that occur inside the insulation of the electronic device, and finally surface discharges for those that occurred at the surface of the device. I explained the different modes of coupling and showed the different setups made so as to increase the PD detection sensitivity. I discussed the different methods of processing the PD signals, which could be done with analogue processing or digital processing of the signal done using a computer.Therefore it is very important to study it.To help prevent future damage and destruction


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