Responsive e-learning portal development on React

OData support
Dr. Ekler Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

As a thesis I wanted to develop an application which solves real problems. Nowdays most of people try to gain their necessary knowledge by online courses. The main reason is especially the lack of time, the distance between the student and the instructor and the possibility of the cheap learning. To take part in an online course this is not necessary for the students to leave their home and the processing of the curriculum does not depend on time.

The purpose of my thesis is to make an application which provides possibility for teachers to easily create an interface for education. The students can subscribe to the courses, they have access to the curriculum provided by the instructors and they can accomplish the lessons. The application makes possible the maintenance of the courses and the follow-up of the student statistics for the instructors.

My thesis is build up from two main parts, The first part introduces the technologies which I used for the development of the application and the second part specify the steps of the development. First, I show the preparation of the development. In this chapter I present the initial setup of the server, the creation and the configuration of the database together with the integration of the user interface to the project. I show the implementation of each function both on server-side and client-side. First, I describe the creation of the soulion for the authentication, than the next step is the implementation of the message board. Finally, I present the handling of the courses and the lessons, both from the perspective of the instructors and the students.


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