Responsive movie database using ASP.NET MVC platform

OData support
Kaszó Márk
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays the increasing growth of web applications on the Internet makes unescapable to create web portals, which can work efficiently and ergonomic on computers and mobile devices. The thesis was done with these properties in mind, and its subject is corresponding to the actual trends, because this is a movie database including movies coming soon or already introduced. The site is not only a data retriever, but it is also entertaining the users with integrated community functions.

The application is made on ASP.NET MVC 5 platform. Various additional technologies was used thanks to the flexible construction of the framework. These technologies are the Twitter Bootstrap, which gives an ergonomic and responsive design to the application, the Facebook API, which supports the community functions, or jQuery, which assists to the user functions.

The thesis consists of three basic parts. The first main chapter is the illustration of the technologies mentioned above, the second part is the specification and design of the movie database called MoFi, and the last element is the created application’s explanation. The possible options of improving the web application are presented at the end of the thesis.


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