Designing and implementing a responsive web application using modern technologies

OData support
Dr. Blázovics László
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

With the development of technology and the spread of smartphones, web applications have to adapt to the needs of users. A practical example of this is the Díjnet electronic bill presentment and payment system, that has a difficulty handling billing on small screens. The user interface of Díjnet has expanded considerably in recent years, so it has become necessary to develop a user friendly layout that can be used on smartphones.

There are two possible options for this solution. One of them is to develop a separately functioning mobile application or to build the application to automatically respond to different screen sizes without losing the functionality of the program. I chose the second option and developed a responsive application that automaticly reacts to different screen dimensions.

During my studies, I examined the Díjnet system and the Java Spring framework, and in my final thesis I’ll describe their operation. During the development of the web applictaion I used the Spring framework, which is responsible for processing incoming requests and generating responses to those requests. The content delivered by Spring is displayed responsively by template resolvers.

The developed web application also has a server-side and a client-side. The surface responds flexibly to a wide range of screen sizes, providing a good appearance on a variety of devices. Finally, I present the user interface optimized for the mobile device and I compare it to the appearance of the web pages from the original system.


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