Examination of responsive web technologies by implementing a complex application

OData support
Dr. Ekler Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays, using a web application is a big part of our everyday lives, think about checking social networks or browsing web stores. We live in the time where it is easier and quicker to order something through our phone, pay for it and then ship it to our house than to go far for the item. To do this we need a well-coded, implicit and safe web application. If there is a good new idea for an application or an order to create one, then we need to be able to compete in competition. We have to know the variety of frameworks with their benefits and disadvantages. In addition, we need to know other criteria that allow us to choose the right framework for us.

The thesis deals with these topics. First, it describes the concept of framework, and in particular web frameworks. Then it explains criteria to consider them and make the final decision about which framework is the best for the project. It introduces and compares the most famous frameworks. Then, depending on the completed program it will decide on the framework, that will be Angular5. Finally, the reader is guided through the completed application, while focusing on the specialities of Angular5.


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