Data visualization and analysis of mutual fund stock ownership

OData support
Nagy Gábor
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

During the creation of the thesis I have created an IT system, that is made up by numerous software components, which retrieves all the information related to exchange rates and ownership of each share found in Yahoo Finances database. Than the downloaded data is being analysed and the result is presented to the user using various visualization techniques. The software is capable of creating new information from the existing, by composing a graph representing structure from the retrieved data. Beside a separate software component for downloading and parsing information from Yahoo Finance a so called three layer architecture system was implemented, that contains a relational database, an application server that is responsible for business logic and a view layer for the user to maintain contact with the core. The main unit runs Python code while the user interface requires a browser as it has been implemented in HTML but mainly JavaScript. Even myself was amazed by the results. However my view on the stock market not fundamentally, but significantly has changed.


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