Development of a tool for increasing the retrospective meetings efficiency

OData support
Dr. Dunaev Dmitriy
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In the past years, more and more software development companies decided to move on from the waterfall model based software development process to agile software development. The reason – among other things – is that the information flow has extremely increased recently and it causes rapid change in software requirements, which the waterfall model based software development can not handle.

Agile methodology offers flexible solutions, which are based on efficient communication among development team members and continuous adjustment of engineering processes.

The retrospective meeting is a key agile software development practice, which is necessary for continous develpoment of engineering teams and their productive work.

In the first part of the Thesis, I present the main agile software development methods including the most important elements of each approach. In the second part, I present the agile development of a application that increases retrospective meeting efficiency.

A rich set of agile software development practices contains also methods to analyse artifacts and processes, which were considered during development. In the final part of the Thesis, I show how the application can be extended to support such methods.


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