Energy balance analysis of isolated structures

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Dr. Fiala Péter
Department of Networked Systems and Services

Inagurating base isolation is a frequently applied method for the vibration isolation of structures and vibration sources. The drawback of the technique is that the dissipative elements are capable of transforming only a few vibration energy to heat, hence while on the protected side reduction, on the "other side" growth of vibration is experienced.

Our aim is the detailed examination of ground-born vibrations emerging in buildings and bridges. We have to study the effect of one or more base isolation on the other parts of the structure, the energy balance and its alteration between the protected and the remote side.

During the simulation we utilized the DSM method (Dynamic Stiffness Method), that handles the modelled structure as a combination of simple, analitically manageable mechanical systems. These simple mechanical systems consist of concentrated and distributed parameter elements and the connections between them. The calculation method of displacements was described by the elements' analitic description, on the basis of Newton's II. law and the Hooke's law.

From the displacements energies, then inagurating isolations into the structure, alteration between energies are figured.


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