Lightning protection design of electrical installation with explosive atmosphere

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Dr. Szedenik Norbert
Department of Electric Power Engineering

Nowadays the world what we know is changing very fast and new technology solutions are being born day by day. The continuous innovation is part of the electric power engineering too and new technology solutions are invented like superconductor cable, off-shore windfarm on the North See, HVDC – High Voltage Direct Current – energy transmission, etc.

In the last years there is another process which is important to mention: the decentralized energy supply. The central energy supply and the alternating high voltage power supply system developed in the 19th century have been exchanged to small power plants spreading in the vicinity of consumption. The best example is Germany where several solar power plants and windturbine parks have been installed since the last decade.

In my thesis I don’t write about reneable energy power plant but the operation of the gas microturbine power plant is very similar except for the energy source. The power plant which I designed consists of 2 gas fired microturbine units – each with nominal output of 1MVA -, the 0,4/20kV transformer which transmits the energy to the public network and the supporting instrumentation equipment.

I would like to show an averall picture about the designing of a power plant for example the authority permission procedure, the planning process and other duties of the designing we don’t think about at the university: utility consultations, discipline and customer consultations, managing the changes and on-site inspections etc. The above duties are as important as the designing itself in a project’s life and we shouldn’t underestimate or ignore them.


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