Further development of robot servicing vibration table

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Oláh István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The main goal of my thesis is to design a robot servicing vibration table with electric actuators. The task of the machine is to separate and change the orientation of the components on its tray with vibrating motion. The machine has to adapt to different kind of components, therefore the parameters of the motion must be variable.

The thesis was made in cooperation with the Axicont Ltd. The first task was to become acquainted with the pneumatic vibration table of the firm. After understanding the duty of the vibration table I could determine the requirements for the new machine.

The next task was to select the most suitable actuator for the motion. In the beginning it cannot be determined which one would be the most suitable, therefore I made two different design. In the first design linear electromagnets create the motion. At the beginning of the project it seemed that this would be the perfect solution. But with the progress of the design new problems arose, which were too complex or extensive to solve.

In the second design step motors create the vibrating motion. First I created the sketch of the mechanical system, and according to it I built the 3D model. After finishing the model I created the shop drawings. With the drawings ready we could start producing and pursuing the necessary components. In parallel with the production I created the circuit diagram of the vibrating table and the PLC program.

The project was closed with a test. To reduce costs, only half of the mechanics had been produced, but this did not prevent a proper testing because of the symmetrical structure. After the testing it is clearly stated that the vibration table meets the expectations.


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