Robot control using Android device

OData support
Kaszó Márk
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays, humanity benefits from the use of automated machines and robots more than ever before. They are used in many different situations, ranging from household usage to fully-automated industrial production lines. However, human supervision and control of these devices is still inevitable. The thesis discusses this area of engineering through a robot vehicle that is built from a commercial remote controlled car.

The robot vehicle, which was the participant of the competition “RobonAUT” organized by the Department of Automation and Applied Informatics, has truly the characteristics of a robot. It is automated, and capable of following an arbitrarily curved line on the ground. It can measure the length and the angle of its path, it can control its speed, and it has sensors that measure distance. Nevertheless, receiving information from the robot was only possible via a text based terminal using Bluetooth protocol. To overcome its limitations, a Wi-Fi module was installed on the vehicle. A communication protocol was also designed and implemented, as well as a user-friendly client application for the popular Android platform.

In the thesis, firstly the importance of the project is described briefly, followed by an interpretation of the tasks. After that, the robot vehicle, the implemented communication protocol and the client application are discussed in greater detail. Finally, ideas about further development are given.


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