Robot Cell Controlling via PLC

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Oláh István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In today’s industry, it is at utmost importance to use proper, modern controlling systems, because with their help, we can minimize the loss-making of the production, while mak-ing the whole procedure more precise and much faster. The designing and building methods of these systems are continuously evolving, which is a vital sign, that this field of science is amongst the most important steps, that lead us to the future. The purpose of this document is to give a brief insight on controlling a FANUC R-30iB HandlingTool via PLC, and imple-menting this device into an actual robot cell. The most important task that I had, was to create a standard program block, that controls this device, so it can be used again in other systems, which would lead to a decreased software development time. The program units which are responsible for controlling the application specific production steps, and the Human Machine Interface that connects the operator instructions to the program logic are also deeply explained here. We also have the chance to get to know the robot cell’s system, by getting familiar with its key components and inner workings. The document also explains the methods and condi-tions that lead to the selection of the right microcontroller for the application, by examining various PLC CPU types.


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