Off-line simulation supported design of a robotic cell and its safety system

OData support
Dr. Kiss Bálint
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Our modern society take a great tone on the suitable quality and quantity of the different products. The manufacturing have to be a right short time, and suit to the wide market’s demand, and the well determinated standards. Our era’s industrial solution for these criterias are the automated production lines and the production cells. One of the most prevalented units of these systems are the six-axes robots. The automation could substitute some part of the manpower, but it is necessary for support and supervision of the system, in addition avoid the stochastic events. Of course the man-machine ’work together’ has many personaly and materialy risk, that is why many safty devices and precautions are located in these automated workcells. The objective of these thesis is, that the reader could realize the robotics and the robot programming fundamentals, the planning steps of the industrial robot cell, it’s safty system, the robot programming and working. It contains not just the final solution of the occurrent problems, but also contains the opportunities of another solutions, their rating, the logical way of the selection and some kind of improvements.


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