Hardware and software development of robotic team for resolution of coordination problems

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Dr. Harmati István
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Nowadays mobile robots are used in many fields of the industry and the everyday life. Mobile robots used for carrying packages around in warehouses are one such example. As indicated by the previous example, there are many cases when there are more robots present, which means that it is quintessential to harmonize them in order to make them complete a specific task together and more effectively, or at least to prevent them from being in each other’s way.

We can categorize these robots from a number of perspectives. One such perspective is whether the robot can only move or have any additional tools installed with which it can interfere with specific objects. The method of movement could be another perspective: it may move on feet for instance, on wheels or by any other actuation.

In the two courses concerning my thesis I focused on robots which can only move, lack any interfering tools and fall to the category of differential wheeled robots when speaking about their moving mechanisms.


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