Interface development for robotsoccer hardver and simulation environment

OData support
Dr. Harmati István
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Nowadays our demands against robotics are also rapidly growing, as we expect

more and more efficient solutions of more and more complex problems. Harmonized

coordination of singular mobil units is indispensable in multiagent systems. The

implementation of a robotsoccer match offers a great opportunity for research of this

field of science, as the teams are not only facing elements of a static environment, but

to restrain the purposes of the opponent also plays an important role.

In most cases strategical and tactical algorithms of multi-agent systems are

tested in a simulational environment. The algorithms’ implementation onto real

hardware and adaptation to the real physical environment becomes a need after the

successful testes. The oriented development of robot soccer simulation and hardware

has been proceeding on the department for years. The goal of the thesis is to begin the

integration of the developments in the two directions.


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