Development of software environment and strategy for robot soccer

OData support
Dr. Harmati István
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

My thesis is about a simulation representation of a robot soccer game. A robot represents a player of a soccer team which aims is to cooperate with its teammates in order to score a goal. To achive this they use high level strategy and action primitives like passing, shooting and dribbling. I represented the robots in a simple way as a circle. They do not have any catching or grabbing mechanism so they cannot have or obtain the ball. During the gameplay they bounce the ball to achive their mission. We use the robots with two different types of drive, differential drive and omnidirectional drive. I used matlab in order to calculate the given mathematical equations and problems with ease. I used git version control as for documentation and verison control.

During my work I used a completely new graphical user interface which can help us to watch the robot soccer game after the calculations for the simulation are done.

The teams can connect to the simulation via TCP/IP communication. They can send their strategy files to the program.

Made a theoretical design for the serial input and output communication.


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