Simulation and hardware interface for robotic soccer

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Dr. Harmati István
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Increasing number of industrial applications are based on on integrating different functions, more and more intelligent and autonomous robotic solutions. Accordingly, demands to develop suitable test environments for cooperating multiagent system analysis are growing. The robotsoccer also belongs to these environments. The algorithms’ implementation for real hardware follows the successful tests. The oriented development of robot soccer simulation and hardware has been proceeding on the department for years. The developments are focusing on three directions in this thesis. Firstly, an algorithm has been developed which plots the static (field, goal) and the dinamic objects (players, ball) in the simulation environment according to real physical measurements Secondly, the simulation environment has been also developed, so it is able to handle rectangle shaped agents in the simulation. Thirdly, new high level strategies have been developed in conformity with the rectangle shaped behaviour based on the earlier strategies.


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