Low level control and simulation environment for robotic hockey

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Dr. Harmati István
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The two main topic of my thesis was developing a simulation environment and low level control for hockey robot players. There was also a smaller part in my thesis about designing a closed loop control for the robots.

The first part of my thesis is about developing the simulation environment. The main reason for developing a simulation environment is to help testing the developments outside the laboratory.

At first I created the core of the simulation. Later on I designed the interfaces for the core. The input interfaces are the robot commands, and the output is image processing. After creating these components only the user interface left to create. The created user interface displays the hockey robot field with the robots, puck and the goals. It offers some test aid functions to help development

At the second part I designed a closed loop control to test the existing components of the hockey robot system. The complete the loop I had to design a simple position control and a simple strategy. For point-to point control I designed a simple turn and go control. For strategy I chose the puck to be the destination of the position control. As a result I get that the existing components are ready for further development.

As the last part of my thesis I designed low level controls in the simulation environment. The purpose of designing low level controls was to create passing techniques. I realized two passing techniques. First of them was to hit the standing puck to a given distance at a given angle. The other was to hit the puck the same way but while it is moving. I succeeded to realize the first one and realized the second one under certain limitations.


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