Motion and shooting planning for robot hockey player

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Dr. Harmati István
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Universities all over the world research into the field of autonomous robotics and develop applications. One of the examined topics is robot soccer and robot hockey, which incorporate various tasks to be solved. Teamwork of agents is present and is an essential part of the problem; so is competition between the two teams. Furthermore, the motion of the agents must be planned even below the strategic level, and it must be supervised. The handling of the ball or the puck requires additional methods for planning.

In this thesis I work on the path planning and feedback control of a robot that has special wheels. This design is called an omnidirectional robot, because its wheels enable motion in all directions, and thus better maneuverability of the vehicle. At the beginning of the thesis I describe and analyze the mathematical model of the vehicle. This will enable us to better understand this type of robots. The vehicle is also a hockey player, so the path planning algorithms must focus on finding a way to desirably hit the puck, too.

A simulation framework is necessary to examine the motion of the robot, so I implemented it using the MATLAB environment. Path planning algorithms can be run with this framework, and the result can be observed and analyzed.

An additional task was to demonstrate the paths with the real robot that had been built in the laboratory. In order to accomplish this I had to make a few modifications on the robot and the framework. I designed a feedback controller for the robot; it is described and evaluated in the thesis.


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