Extending the near field measurement range of distance sensors

OData support
Dr. Fiala Péter
Department of Networked Systems and Services

The aim of this thesis is to extend the close-range performance of the ultrasonic sensors with a physical phenomenon, called the “Multiple Reflection”. To reach this goal an algorithm (MultiReflection) has been developed. The function estimates the non-detectable object position based on the detected several reflections.

Before the algorithm development a measurement database has been defined and recorded for the offline evaluation. Within the thesis several fundamentally different methods have been compared with the defined quality measures.

After the analysis, the best rated algorithm has been integrated into the Bosch developed ParkPilot system. The development was following the standard development process of Bosch, which is based on the ASPICE reference model. After the implementation the component has been tested on several levels, even with a vehicle on normal and extreme climate conditions.

Based on the measurement results, the functionality is working not only for ideal use-cases, but in case of complex scenarios as well. The MultiReflection algorithm is capable of increasing the safety level of the ultrasonic system in case of parking situations as a part of the complete product.


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