IoT Based Mobile Robot Development

OData support
Dr. Fehér Gábor
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Thanks to the fast spreading of robotics they also appeared in the education area. We can acquire knowledge about programming, sensors and electronics more picturesque and playful with them. Robots, that are able to move -mobile robots- provide an opportunity to get to know different discovering and pathfinding algorithms.

The topic and goal of my paper was to design and construct an easy-to-develop, easily useable robot vehicle. I've refurbished a robot vacuum cleaner and I've installed plus sensors and microprocessor systems they needed. A central unit on the robot makes possible to connect to the WIFI network, the forwarding of data to the internet, and the reception of instructions from there. A user program that is running on the computer makes able to show the sensor data from the internet, and makes possible the control of the vehicle. If the user and the robot vehicle are connected to the same network, the navigation is also possible based on the camera image. The mobile robot does not need any special piece parts, therefore it is easy to reproduce. Other students can also build it in the future.


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