Compliance control of robot arm with applications

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Dr. Kiss Bálint
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The use of robotics in industry is becoming more and more widespread. Corporations are using robots instead of human workforce more often to do tasks which are both too dangerous and difficult for human workers, or simply require a too high level of precision or monotony tolerance to be done by humans with acceptable error rates. Robots are being used, amongst other things, to weld, to paint, to pack, to assemble, and to produce circuits or to stress-test products.

To perfectly copy the movement of a human hand the robot must have to enable compliance. There are specified task, like connectors assembly which are not able to do without compliance control. During the work on my thesis I've made a demonstration with Mitsubishi RV-2FQ robotic arm compliance control mode.

At the first two chapter I'm explaining the hardware components and the architecture of the whole control system. Then I'm implementing a demonstration to show the compliance control function of the robot arm. The program is written in MELFA BASIC IV, the robot's own language.


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