Control of robot arm based on integrated motion sensors

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Dr. Tevesz Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The main focus of my thesis is to develop a system that is capable of demonstrating the possibilities of comfortably wearable rings with integrated motion sensors.

The field of use of these rings are quite extensive but in my thesis I would like to focus on two specific use-cases. One area is the Virtual Reality (VR) applications which are becoming more and more widespread. This virtual reality is created by a computer and the user can experience this world usually with 3D glasses which can provide a much more immersive feeling than a normal 2D screen. However, the users don’t want to be only passive spectators but they want to actively participate, and the rings could be more natural and intuitive devices to perform these actions with, than the currently available hand-held controllers. Specific applications could be games, 3D modelling procedures, or just a new way of interaction with the PC over the traditional mouse and keyboard.

There is another and maybe even more important and useful field for the rings that is healthcare. You can think of the observation of a patient’s hand and finger movements who has Parkinson's disease. Today the patient has to go the hospitals every once in a while to repeat specific movements in front of a complex camera monitoring system. By using the rings, the patients could stay at home and the rings would monitor and save every movement onto its built-in memory, or stream the data wirelessly to the physician.

To show this theory in practice I made a demo system as a demonstration which consists of a 3D printed robotic-arm with 3 degree of freedom and 2 rings that control the robot. One ring goes on the thumb, the other goes on the index finger, so with these 2 sensors I am able to register and recognize the rotation of your hand (rotate), the elevation of your palm (pitch), and a pinching movement between the two fingers.

This project was made in tight cooperation with ArcSecond Hungary Kft. where I got endless support and motivation from.


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