Generating and executing robot simulator descriptors automatically

OData support
Dr. Micskei Zoltán Imre
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

I took part in the R3COP international project with my thesis. Our department creates a testing framework in this project, which focuses on generating tests for autonomous robots taking into account their environment and requirement models. It will additionally execute the simulations in the simulation environment and evaluate the results. My task was to create a demonstration platform for building simulation examples, execute them and log the necessary information with a potential simulation environment, the Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio (RDS).

During this semester I learnt to use this robot simulation tool and created simple and relatively complex simulation examples. With the capable tools I elaborated an algorithm capable of automatization to generate and execute simulations.

With this knowledge I developed an application with the principles of generalization and easy context extending. Examining the advantages and disadvantages of the capable tools the choice fell on the Eclipse environment and the related modeling tools. After the study and preparation of these tools I built these tools into my solution.

A szimulációs eredményeket egy elemző alkalmazásnak szeretnénk továbbítani ezért szükség volt a naplózó környezet elkészítésére. A példák futtatásához létrehoztam szükséges entitásokat, ezzel együtt a szimulációkban megjelenő robot mesterséges intelligenciáját.

The task is divided into six major parts starts with the parsing and processing of the incoming model which is a simple UML model so modification was required to satisfy the RDS specific needs. After the processing method I exported the model into the simulation descriptors with an automatized mechanic and executed it in the simulation environment.

We want to transmit the simulation result to an analyzer application, therefore it was necessary to create a logging enviroment. To run the examples I have created the necessary entites together with the robot artificial intelligence.

Due to the generalized processing method the simulation context can be easily extended and during testing, the created solution worked as expected.


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