Development of Robot Controller

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Oláh István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The Department of Automation and Applied Informatics from Budapest University of Technology and Economics offers education in the field of robotics since decades. For robot programming practice the department uses a modern Mitsubishi robot arm and a PUMA 560 robot arm controlled by a Sfera-35 robot controller, which represents de technology of the Russian industry from the 80s. The department wishes to introduce the newest robot control architectures in real circumstances for students as part of their studies. Fulfilling this commitment requires a state of the art controller with open architecture.

Both of the mentioned robot arms uses controllers optimized for satisfying industrial purposes. These systems are forming a black box from the user’s perspective. The system architecture and the applied control algorithms are the property of the corresponding companies, therefore their specifications are classified. Further disadvantage regarding the PUMA robot arm that the old Sfera controller is a frequent source of malfunction. Although the arm itself is in good condition. To follow the considerations mentioned above my thesis set the goal of composing a system design for a new robot control system based on the old PUMA robot arm. In the following my thesis discusses the process of engineering this design.


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