Developmen of Industrial Robot Software System

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Dr. Prohászka Zoltán Ferenc
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

This thesis is about a robot control system, which has been developed by the cooperation of the Department of Automation and Applied Informatics and the Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology. Both the hardware and the software of the system has been developed in the university. The thesis is about the development of the control software.

The first version of the software was written for the version 4 of the QNX operating system. Afterwards, it was rewritten for version 6. The new version of the operating system extended not only in functionality, but it also changed regarding it's philosophy. In our department the software came to a deadlock. Considering the fact of the deadlock and some future requirements, it was necessary to rearrange the software.

During my work, I have successfully fixed the problem causing the deadlock. After studying the communication methods of the operating system, I have designed the a new architecture and message-passing for the robot control system, considering the safety aspects.


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