Robust control design for vehicle tracking

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Dr. Harmati István
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

In this thesis, lateral steering control methods are proposed for autonomous vehicles of a one-dimensional platoon.

A platoon member is considered not to receive any direct information from other vehicles, only obtains position and orientation data relative to its direct predecessor through its own measurements with LIDAR, camera, etc.

Platoon stability conditions needed for safety and stable tracking lead to theory of \emph{String Stability} of interconnected LTI systems.

These stability terms are expanded for heterogeneous string stability and robust string stability conditions, making it possible to verify string stability for any length and order of interconnection of systems from an uncertain model set, or convex polytopic set determined by investigated vehicle models.

Importance of string stability is presented, and different solutions are suggested for vehicle following control structure to achieve it.

Performance goal is chosen for better tracking of predecessor's trajectory, and these considerations are analyzed.

Then two controller synthesis methods are proposed, one with robust uncertainty modeling and $\mu-synthesis$ methods with LMI optimization, and another one with a less conservative, convex polytopic set approach.

Simulation results verify suggestions of control structure and synthesis methods presented in this thesis, and show their efficiency achieved for tracking performance.


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