Design and examination of a Rogowski coil current transducer

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Dr. Tamus Zoltán Ádám
Department of Electric Power Engineering

Besides traditional current transformers current transducers are used nowadays in a wide range for the measurement of amperage, and

the Rogowski coil current transducer is one of the types of this device.

The first version of the Rogowski coil current transducer (current integrator) was made in the 1960s. Nevertheless, this version

was not accurate and reliable enough to be produced.

A few decades later, in 1993, a newer type of current transducer was invented, and this version spread over in a wide range. One of the big advantages

of this version was that this device granted the right-shaped transmission. Furthermore, the operation of this version did not depend on the temperature, and this appliance was able to measure even middle-frequency currents (up to about 10 kHz). Over and above, it worked perfectly on the frequency of 50-60 Hz, too.

The objective of my thesis is to design, build and examine the latter version of the Rogowski coil current transducer. After doing some measurements

on many different frequencies, I evaluate the results, analyze the operation of the current transducer and make some concludes.


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