Pseudocoloring of X-ray images

OData support
Dr. Csébfalvi Balázs
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

During the semester I studied color coding methods for X-ray images.

In my thesis I present the elements of visual perception and the sensory apparatus responsible for color vision. After this a description of generally used color models can be found, followed by specified conditions regarding the quality of a color scheme. Finally, depending on the data, suggestions are made for the usage of an appropriate colormap. Using test images different coloring schemes are compared and the results are presented.

I succeeded in created perceptually linear colormaps. These can be used to pseudo-code an X-ray image without losing detail information, compared to grayscale images. Furthermore with the use of colors additional information can be presented on the images. I created hue varying colormaps, which are ideal for visualizing low spacial frequencies. I also merged bone and soft tissue images, created with dual-energy technique, into a single image. The results of this process are combined images in which the different tissue structures are easily distinguishable due to coloring.


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