Development of rootkit detection software

OData support
Dr. Hosszú Gábor
Department of Electron Devices

Weaknesses in a computer system permit a hacker to compromise the unity, confidential files and thus gaining access to various system functions that can result in auditing any kind of system or application content and even spying out information from your computer.

To overcome these malicious assaults I have made a program called “Ophiophagus Hannah”. The implementation of a software solution which realizes the detection of rootkits and other malware is very important.

My program is the development of a graphical interface which communicates with the command line interface to execute certain objects and functions.

The first part of the function is a malware scanner with different scanning options. Various scanning methods will also be provided. Whereas the second part consists of a scan log displayer and a threat database updater. The third and last component was built to represent those malware files that are quarantined due their hazardous nature infecting an operating system.

The "Ophiophagus-Hannah" scanner can be used besides any other anti-virus software on Windows operating systems, as well as on any Linux distribution.


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