Presence management system design based on short range radio frequency technology

OData support
Dr. Sipos Márton Ákos
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

According to new regulations, teachers have to spend a given number of hours in the school every day. To track those hours it can be useful to create a system, which is cheaper to set up and maintain compared to other solutions on the market. This thesis is about such a system, detailing the questions of design, possibilities and implementation. We can get to know with the two most popular short distance radio frequency identification technologies, RFID and NFC. After we will see the design and the implementation of a system, using one of these technologies. There will be a summary of NFC, mentioning the communication protocol, the structure of a magnet card and its way of working. We can even see, how one can use such a card on the Android platform.

The document discusses the reliability of the system as well, like the precautions against different kind of attacks.

Finally we will see the improvement possibilities, and some outlooking thoughts from the topic.


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